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    Everyone talks about IPTV and you feel disoriented? Surely you will have read various guides on the topic IPTV and you will be very clear. Now that you know that we are talking about LISTS IPTV M3U 2018 FREE we can move on to the topic of this article on how to find IPTV lists up to date and working to connect to channels and more.

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    The best IPTV lists m3u 2018 gratis
    There are three solutions available to those who want a stable IPTV M3U list that mainly contains the free channels of digital terrestrial.

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    Here are the three most used lists . These free lists iptv m3u italia that work very well with Kodi and do not work as well with VLC where some streams (especially those Rai) do not want to know to go.

    So my advice is to use these lists on Kodi , but also on the Android app , on smart tv and emulator for pc.

    The first is that of famous self-updating infogw , it works to perfect today. You can download it or insert in your client the following url of the iptv m3u list :

    This is the second list of PandaSat famous for working abroad. You can download it or insert in your client the url of the m3u list
    The third is one of the QDR Forum that you find at the following link:

    We often update this post as soon as we find new working playlists .

    Unfortunately, the other lists available online are not exactly great, if you want always updated IPTV lists should contact the sites that you find in the dedicated section that publish lists every day.

    The best sites to find free IPTV lists
    There are now many different and interesting portals that offer free and up-to-date IPTV lists . We, for the record, will list the sites that we remember to be illegal and which we advise you to avoid, which offer IPTV lists .

    It is a very famous site, from which you can download playlists updated almost daily from different countries in Italy, Germany, Spain, England, France. Downloading m3u playlists from this site is all too easy, just go there and choose the list you are interested in.

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    If you want to take a look at the site always well aware of its illegality here is the address.

    A site is both famous and notorious, albaniatv has been for months that daily are some of the best free iptv lists available on the web. The portal illegally offers the channels of many countries, divided by country. If you want to give it a look, the address is this.

    Another site similar to the first two that offers a high number of frequently updated m3u playlists . It is obviously not legal, and also offers those containing Italian channels, you can reach the site at this address.

    If the sites are unattainable, the trick is simply to change the DNS or use a VPN (we recommend NordVPN, IPVanish and PureVPN ).

    The best Android apps to have LISTS IPTV M3U  2018 FREE
    On Android, which as you know is an open platform and the basis of many valid TV Box, there are lots of interesting apps for those looking for LISTS IPTV M3U  2018 FREE . The most famous apps in this field are:

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    WatchApp Download : which notoriously offers both clear channels (which almost always work) and Sky and Mediaset channels that are obviously more unstable. If you want to know more, do not miss our appreciated article.

    is the app of the well-known addon for kodi, the app inherits most of the functions of the famous predecessor. Like the addon that preceded it offers 10 IPTV lists updated with the channels of various countries including Italy. You can learn more thanks to our dedicated article.

    IPTV Daily Updates Download : is the app that has many free IPTV lists updated daily. To learn more, do not miss our study.

    KLTV : an addon to watch HD channels in clear (both Italian and foreign). There are no Pay channels in any country.


    Kodi add-on for IPTV lists 
    Kodi is the reference application for iptv lovers . It is also the platform of the always-official unofficial add-ons that offer series, movies and TV channels.

    For Swiss channels, the Kodi Live TV add-on (KLTV) is almost unbeatable with channels that are always up-to-date and functional.

    If you are looking for a TV Box to consult IPTV lists directly on your TV , then you can take a look at our guide on Android TV Boxes or the following list , where are the most sold TV Box currently on Amazon.

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